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IRAQ - WQ-2 MISHRIF OIL FIELD - Continuation of service and maintenance of all technical security systems in Oil Field with Erinys company

MISHRIF Oil Field, 

West Qurna-2, Basrah, Iraq 
Erinys Iraq company (  - Lukoil Mid-East Limited (
Participation in project: from 07.2016 till 07.2018
By the contract with Erinys Iraq company for the maintenance of LukOil’s Integrated Security System in West Qurna Phase 2 oilfield, Includes all objects in West Qurna-2. 

The contract is Include:
- Service and maintenance of all installed technical safety systems in the field in the work schedule 24/7.
- Expansion and improvement of the already installed technical security systems, installation of additional equipment, configuration of the various scripts and operating scenarios.
- Improving the fault tolerance of main systems.
- Operation and maintenance of Public Address & General Alarm system.
- Maintenance of uninterruptible power supplies, autonomous power systems and solar panels.
- Improving the management of technical security systems and optimization of operator workplaces.
On the part of the facilities was carried out modernization and restructuring of the Bosch Public Address and General Alarm system.

The security system includes such systems as: video surveillance system (Bosch, AXIS), 

access control system (Bosch, KABA), 

perimeter intruders detection system (LB Group), 

security radars (Elvees), 

X-ray baggage scanners (Smith detection),

Walk-Through Metal Detectors (Garrett), 

Public Address & General Alarm system (Industronic, Bosch),

Uninterruptible power supplies, and solar panels (APC, Simens)