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Software integration via OPS UA between Bosch BVMS and OptaSense Fiber-optic PIDS systems. MISHRIF Oil Field, Basrah, Iraq.

Our team has completed work on software integration via OPS UA between Bosch BVMS CCTV and OptaSense Fiber-optic PIDS systems. 

We tested the joint operation of the systems for several months under various weather conditions, including rainy weather and very strong winds. 

And we can confirm high performance of this solution for security perimeter.

The sensor element of the perimeter system - the fiber optic cable has a high sensitivity and allows detecting the location of the event with high accuracy. 

And integration with BVMS allows to minimize false alarms by configuring complex alarm triggers, for example, by configuring the simultaneous operation of multiple loops of the sensor cable. 

This integration allows to minimize false alarm messages, receive only acknowledged alarms and improve the efficiency of perimeter security systems at the facility.

Equipment and systems used in the project:

- Bosch Security and Safety Systems BVMS

- OptaSense Fiber-optic PIDS systems