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Service and maintenance of Technical security systems at LUKOIL Mishrif Oil Field with SORROR company, IRAQ - WQ-2 . Technical supervision and commissioning of new systems and facilities.  Project documentation development.


West Qurna-2, Basrah,
SORROR Alnathereen Co.( and Lukoil Mid-East Limited (
Participation in project: from 10.2018 to the present time

By the contract with Sorror company for the maintenance of LukOil’s Integrated Security System in West Qurna Phase 2 oilfield, Includes all objects in West Qurna-2. 
 The contract Include: 
- Service and maintenance of all installed technical safety systems in the field in the work schedule 24/7. 
- Updating existing on-site software by systems.
- Technical supervision and commissioning of new systems and facilities at Oil Field.
- Project documentation development for expantion of existing systems and construction of technical security systems at new facilities of Oil Field. 
- Expansion and improvement of the already installed technical security systems, installation of additional equipment, configuration of the various scripts and operating scenarios. 
- Improving the fault tolerance of main systems. 
- Integration two Public Address & General Alarm system Industronic and Bosch between themselves. 
- Maintenance of uninterruptible power supplies. 
- Improving the management of technical security systems and optimization of operator workplaces. 
- Conduct training for operators on the use of video surveillance and access control systems.
- Conduct training on the use of X-ray baggage scanners for security guards.

The security system includes such systems as: 

 video surveillance system (Bosch, AXIS), 

 access control system (Bosch, HIDKABA), 

 perimeter intruders detection system (LB Group), 

 security radars (Elvees), 

 X-ray baggage scanners (Smith detection), 

 Walk-Through Metal Detectors (Garrett), 

 Public Address & General Alarm system (Industronic, Bosch), 

 Uninterruptible power supplies, and solar panels (APC, Simens)